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The Total Golf Solution offers a comprehensive list of features -- in fact, more than any other web-based club management system. Better still, our solution is not pre-packaged.  Instead, each element is customized to the specific needs of the client.  The fact is, we love golf -- and we know the golf business.  We understand both the meaning and the necessity for the 'local rule' at a golf club, and take the same approach with our software. We adapt our software to match the needs and business rules of each golf course. Our company has the the unique perspective of being expert software developers as well as having principle owners that are avid golfers and active in the local and national golf community.  We have participated at virtually every level of the golf industry and have a distinct advantage gained through our experience working with general managers, golf professionals, as well as direct involvement with local, provincial and national golf associations. 


It is through our involvement with the golf industry as a whole that we learned how a golf system should work, both from the eyes of management as well as the minds of golfers.  It's also why our package draws such rave reviews from those who use it.  There are many subtleties within the program that make it faster, easier and more rewarding to golfers and golf clubs than any other package. 


This following provides an overview of the major components in our system. 

Features For Your Golfers & Members


Tee Time Booking System
  • Initial display shows calendar format to simplify selection of dates
  • Shows only those dates eligible, based on player category and associated priviledges
  • Daily tee sheet view shows current golf course status (rain delays, course closed, etc).
  • Various search options available to locate desired times either by time of day, number of available openings or search by name for regular playing partners.
  • Tee sheet shows if time-of-day restrictions are present (e.g. Adults only from Noon - 2:00 PM), and will prevent ineligible golfers from booking during these times.
  • Names of other golfers on the tee sheet are displayed to members and registered golfers only if they have signed in.  Names are not displayed to anonymous visitors, however any available openings are shown offering the ability to determine if suitable times are available prior to registering / signing in.
  • Booking form has each player\'s "Favorite Partners" list
  • Carts may be reserved at time of booking
  • Prevents duplicate bookings of the same player within a variable time period adjusted to your specific club's needs.

Tee Calendar
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Tee Sheet Details
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Tee Time Booking form

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Advance Ballot / Lottery System

  • Offers significant convenience and better customer service for those who wish to request advance tee times. 
  • Avoids the stampede for tee times based on old-fashioned "bookings begin at 8 AM" procedure 
  • Provides fair and equitable treatment throughout the year using our own unique formulas to ensure all golfers receive equal opportunity to play at their desired times
  • Ballots may be submitted any number of days or weeks in advance (customized to each club's specific booking rules)
  • Ballots enforce all daily tee time restrictions, and are "event-aware", preventing players from requesting times that are reserved for tournaments or other course restrictions.
  • Ballots may be submitted by individuals for up to four players or, where allowed by the golf club, may be submitted for larger groups of players (sometimes referred to as syndicates).  The maximum number of players on group ballots, if allowed, is defined by the golf club.


Ballot Step 1 image
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Ballot Selection Process
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Final Ballot Submission
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