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Gord Krismer & Associates Ltd - Web Software Modules

All modules listed below are designed to work seamlessly with the CMS+ Website Management System.  Modules can be added to the any CMS+ web system at any time.

General Purpose Website Modules
These modules are typically suitable for any type of business or website
Module Brief Description
Contact Us
Protect your email addresses from spammers and spambots who will harvest your email address through links and other content published on your website. Use our Contact Us module to provide an easy and safe method for your customers to reach you via email.
Visitor Contests
Generate interest and repeat visitors through contests on your website. Accommodates photo contests w/attachments, essay contests, question & answer contests and more.  Winners can be selected at random or chosen after judging.  Full contest entry details recorded including names/email addresses of all participants.
Events Calendar
Promote upcoming events in either calendar or listing format. Allow customers to register online for events (if desired). iEvents also allows customers to submit an event request -- useful for meeting and event planners to book hotels, banquet halls and other event facilities.
Discussion Forums
Interact with your customers and visitors through discussion groups, provide Q&A, solicit feedback or create a knowledge base/FAQ for your products & services. Defineable categories, automatic notification of new postings, ability to edit or delete postings (Administrator only).
Photo Gallery
Unlimited photo categories, images sorted / assigned to one or more categories.  Digital images are automatically resized during upload for thumbnail and high-resolution display purposes. 
Marquee Messages
Display an attractive, scrolling marquee message at the top of any page within your website.  Use this message to bring attention to promotions, special announcements or other important information.  Unlimited messages can be run, with automatic start / end dates for each message.
Quick Polls A popular and fun way to engage visitors on your website, useful to identify opinions or preferences of site visitors.
Quizzes and Questions
Create trivia questions to entertain site visitors, or use to promote product or policy awareness to clients, customers and business partners (used by many golf clubs to promote awareness for the Rules of Golf!).
Site Search
Ideal for text-heavy websites, iSearch indexes all content, keywords and (optional) news articles on your website, helping visitors locate the information they seek quickly and easily.
Site Map
Automatically produces an attractive, easy to follow index / breakdown by section of all pages on your website.  Sitemaps are used on almost all major websites today to help visitors locate information when they may not know exactly what they're looking for.
Photo Slide Show
Eliminate the cost of producing Flash image effects using our Slide Show.  Images are displayed based on the relevant sections within your website, with a pleasant dissolve/blending effect as images rotate through the show.

Business Modules
These modules offer some of the more common functions suitable for most types of businesses
Module Brief Description
Banner Ads
Promote your own products and services, or generate revenue with your website by selling advertising space to others.  Offers full administrative controls for number of displays, clicks, date ranges.  Supports text ads as well as banner images, with statistical reports of all banner activity.
Online Auctions
Host your own website auctions, with start / end dates, reserve (minimum) bid amounts, automatic bidding and more.
Product Catalog
Display your products in a categorized, catalog format. Optional order entry form to sell goods or services through your website.
Classified Ads
Offer free or "for fee" classified advertising through your website. Define unlimited categories, add/edit/approve ad submissions.
Staff, Customer or Business Directory
Provide a searchable listing of individuals and/or organizations associated with your company, or of outside organizations affiliated with you.  Useful as a staff directory, or member directory (for membership-based organizations) or a supplier / vendor directory.
Direct E-Mail
Send email instantly to your customers, dealers, business partners. Email can be targetted to specific groups and categories, or can be sent to "all". Eliminates the need to manage and/or update email lists manually or in multiple address books.  Unlike most typical direct email systems, messages are sent individually to each recipient with personalized greetings.
News & Publications
Publish news releases, documents and articles on your site. Unlimited user-defineable news categories. Security restrictions can be assigned to each category, allowing public, staff, or customers to access only the material appropriate to them.
Electronic Purchase Orders
Replace paper Purchase Orders with electronic iPO's.  Full routing to appropriate supervisors for approval based on defineable spending limits, budget tracking, reporting, automatic supervisor notification of new PO's requiring approval, notification of approved PO's and more.
Miniature Online Store
Ideal for businesses with a smaller catalog of goods available for sale.
Service Work Order Management
Record, track and monitor service requests from customers, clients or staff members. Supervisor assigns each work orders to the appropriate staff member, automatic email progress reports, completion notification and customer / client sign-off.
Yellow Pages
Perfect for portal-type web sites.  Defineable categories, permits multiple category assignments for each business/listing, optional promotional text.