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Big Business Features - Small Business Price

FortiVoice telephone systems provide business with the features, professional presentation and flexibility as systems used by Fortune 500 companies. Their simplicity of setup and ongoing operation saves money in I/T and support requirements.  Virtually every big-business feature imagineable is included with each FortiVoice system at no additional cost, including:

- Auto Attendant / Voice Menus
- Voicemail for all extensions with no additional licensing costs
- Unified Messaging (Voicemail sent automatically to email)
- Defineable Ring groups such as Sales, Technical Support, Administration
- Remote extensions (external numbers, such as cell phones)
- Use digital, IP-based; or traditional analog telephones
- Easy to use telephone system management software
- Accessible and responsive technical support and system upgrades

...and much more

The hybrid design of FortiVoice systems  supports analog devices (fax machine, payment terminal, coffee-room phone, conventional wireless phone) as well as the features, convenience and cost savings available through IP based phones including  VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology*.  Take your phone with you while you\'re travelling, or inter-connect branch offices using existing high speed Internet connections.  Reduce costs, improve staff productivity, present your business seamlessly to callers regardless of geographic location, and  save money in long distance charges - all with Talkswitch.

Feel free to browse our online catalogue of FortiVoice products and order your system online or contact us to obtain a custom quote and learn more about how a FortiVoice telephone system can help grow your business.

* External VoIP Phones and VoIP trunk linkes require a VoIP-enabled Talkswitch.  See our Talkswitch VoIP FAQ as well as the Talkswitch Model specifications for full details.